Stuart Jones

Here's a small collection of the various side projects I've found worthy enough to document. Hopefully you'll find them interesting too.

Messaging UI Concept: Bruno

Bruno is a conversational UI concept that lives completely in your web browser. It loosely mimics the iOS Messages interface. It supports image attachments, gifs, emoji, and links. Rather than allowing full text entry, Bruno allows the user to choose from a fixed set of replies.

This UI mockup was a chance for me to learn a variety of newer web technologies, it probably won't work if your browser doesn't suppose ES2015. Bruno uses CSS3 Animations, Promises for flow control, Emoji One for cross platform emoji support, and Flexboxes to keep everything nice and centered. The messages are currently a fixed script of JQuery-parsed .json files, but it was designed modularly so that a more complicated message source could be implemented later.

Digital Card Game: Internet Famous

Internet Famous

Internet Famous is a digital version of the classic Celebrities or Hat Game party game. More specifically, it's an open-source version of Alex Hague and Justin Vickers' Monikers. It's built using AngularJS, with art assets built around the EmojiOne icon set.

Chrono, the Cron-to-English Cron Job Builder

Chrono is a simple Cron-to-English Cron Job Builder. It was a simple project I started to learn the fundamentals of the React framework. Chrono also takes advantage of Browserify, Babel, and a few other modern workflow tools.

Steam Storefront Slackbot: Gabe


Gabe is a simple NodeJS Slack bot for searching the Steam storefront. When a user inputs the '/steam' command along with a game title, Gabe will reply with a brief summary of the game, along with a link to the game's Steam page.

Ghost Blog Theme: Ninamori


This project needs no introduction, you're looking at it right now! This is the Ghost blog theme that powers my blog. More details can be found in my post about it, or up on the Github repo.

Tumblr Theme: Wallace, A Bootstrap Theme


I recently looked into what it takes to theme a Tumblr site. While there were a few existing Bootstrap-based Tumblr themes, none of them were that straightforward to use or customize. I decided to throw this theme together for anyone else who happens to be looking for a Bootstrap-based Tumblr theme. It can be found on my Github repo.



It's an Internet Of Things sensor based off of a Raspberry Pi. Get it?

The PiOT is a data capture device for a do-it-yourself IoT setup. It's equipped with a pair of DS18B20 temperature sensors, a DHT22 combination temperature/humity sensor, and an optional Raspberry Pi camera. It can host it's own web frontend, or send data to a Pebble smartwatch face.

Movie Knight


Movie Knight is a least-grief movie recommendation app for Android that I coded in an Agile group as a senior project. It's hard to believe how far cell phones have come since the old Android 2.3 days.

Dice Roller


The dice roller is an Arduino-based device with a custom built laser cut enclosure that I created as part of a Computer Human Interaction course.